Commissions Gallery

Advanced WW2 German Gunboat 1/72 Scale.  Converted from Revell Star Destroyer!
Fujimi 1/72 F-18F Hornet in US Navy VF-2 Squadron colours

Hasegawa 1/72 Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird
Airfix 1/144 Saturn V / Skylab Rocket Full Stack

HMS Andromeda - a modified Leander class frigate,
equipped with Mk 71 Naval Gunfire Support Weapon,
VLS Seawolf launcher, and an enlarged helicopter
 deck / hangar -  Airfix 1/600 scale.

Revell 1/32 Focke Wulf FW190-F8 Fighter Bomber
Iron Man MK.42 1/24 scale

Please contact us for a quote on any models you would like us to make, or source for you!